The Tempest and the Fire

Nineteen year old Eris has spent her life trying to be like her sisters. Despite their rural upbringing, Eris’s accomplished sisters occupy powerful roles in the city while Eris languishes as a patrol guard.

But when their father’s death shatters the family’s already-fragile bonds, Eris flees the city in despair. Escaping into a dead forest of ash, Eris kills a panther cub to survive, unwittingly drawing the wrath of the secluded, immortal Beast. Upon seeing the roses that bloom from the cub’s blood, the Beast spares her. Eris can wield magic, a knowledge lost to all centuries ago.

Agreeing to restore life to his dead land in penance for her actions, Eris learns how to control her magic under his tutelage. But as her fear of him turns into affection, Eris finds that the Beast’s intentions might not be so pure after all. She gets caught up in a tale of revenge and discovers a dark secret that links him to her home.

Now in full command of her powers, Eris must choose between aiding the Beast in his vengeance or betraying her teacher and save the collective good from his fury. No longer standing in her sisters’ shadow nor being the Beast’s pawn, Eris must decide how she makes her mark on the world.

The Tempest and the Fire is my own Beauty and the Beast retelling. It is told through a series of illustrations, accompanied with excerpts from the manuscript.

This retelling is still a work in progress, aided by the support of my patrons on Patreon. Patrons get early access, bonus content and extended excerpts from the manuscript.

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