Boku no Hero Academia

My Vengeance Will be Worth the Price

This piece was created for the Heroes & Dragons zine, a My Hero Academia x Dungeons & Dragons crossover. Purchase a PDF copy of the zine here.

Everyone who’s watched BNHA have a particular character they identify with, and I found me in Iida. I was the rule-following, take-everything-literally child that tried earnestly to follow instructions and took great pride in doing it. 

But I’d make mistakes and mess up the instruction-following, as we all do. But I’d placed my identity on being good. Despite my earnestness to do my best, I’d still get yelled at and punished. They never saw my effort, never bothered to wonder why I would make mistakes. 

Embittered, I rebelled. I respected authority so much and it made me mad that they didn’t respect me. 

Their authority meant nothing after that. I’d go out of my way to make things difficult for them – by arguing, by performing poorly, by not caring and making sure they knew it. What use are threats if the person isn’t intimidated by you?

So when Iida stood on the metaphorical precipice in this scene, where he would give up on everything that made him him… I saw me. It struck me how close Iida was to becoming the antithesis of all he stood for.

I wanted to capture that moment. How easy it would be to just kill the man and accept the darkness in your soul as the price.

Todoroki Shouto

This piece was created for the AFTERMATH zine, focusing on the trauma and angst of the BNHA characters. Copies of the zine are currently sold out.